Tough Decisions

As humans we do have that
tendency to shy away from things that may bring us pain, we would rather go to
the spa, have a good time with friends than indulge in any activity that may bring
us either physical or emotional pain. No matter how we look at it some
pains are necessary to help us build the character that we need in life. For
instance, gaining a degree in any chosen field requires discipline, without it,
we may never have doctors, tech experts and a whole lot of professionals in
different disciplines in life. Though there are pains associated with the
above, it is something we can term a good pain.

Do not shy away from “good” pains.
Anything you want to be in this life demands some amount of sacrifice. The word
sacrifice connotes something of discomfort. Any discomfort that enables you to
achieve your dreams in life is worth it. They may be very undesirable at the moment,
but if you keep at it, you will eventually be rewarded when the fruit of your
labour matures. Just like growth in life takes time, that is the way many good
things in life takes time. Do not shy away from the process, don’t look for a
way to shorten the process, because in doing so you may miss out the lessons
you should have learnt at that stage of your life.

Everything we do in this life requires
perseverance or what we call staying power, without it we can never really
achieve much in life. If an activity or work is necessary for the goal you are
chasing, then no matter how undesirable that activity is go ahead and do it. Do
it not because there are no better things you could do, rather do it because it
is a necessary step you must take to achieve what you desire in life.

It’s a new week, you may need to take tough, difficult and undesirable steps, just remember
what your end goal is, this will help you push through that step.

Have a beautiful week!

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