The society we want

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We all are a product of nature and nurture. By nurture I mean our upbringing, the associations and the people we interacted with while growing up, and the relationships and associations we currently keep. It is difficult to see an adult who grew up in a loving home where corrections were made with love and a sense of belonging, grow up to be troubled or lack confidence, or be too afraid to make bold decisions. In other words, to have the community we desire, we have to be deliberate about creating the right environment to nurture our children. Creating this environment is easy, simply give every child a sense of belonging, an opportunity to be expressive, discipline appropriately, be their friend etc. A lot of other responsibilities flow from these four.

Have you ever been to a mental facility? Being there sometimes makes one realize the need for proper psychological evaluation of every child/young adult that appears to be ”different”. Early intervention is needed when a child is not behaving in the expected way, especially, if you have done your best to create the right environment for that child. How is the child’s relationship with his teachers, peers etc; do your findings, this will help you know the next step to take. Early intervention may prevent more permanent damage. Be patient, be observant, and question all things when dealing with matters concerning children and young adults.

We can create the society we want, if everyone does their bit to fill a need. Allowing an unsolved social problem to fester when you can do something about it, will not give us the society we want. You may think that your efforts or contribution is insignificant when compared to the myriads of problems we are facing as a society, but, no matter how minute that effort is, please go ahead and do your bit. It is only through this conscious effort that we can leave a lasting legacy; creating the society we want!

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