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Cheer up!  I think you need to hear this. You have done well for yourself. You have been hardworking, attending diligently to your duties, and doing exactly what you should do. So, don’t beat yourself over what didn’t work out or what went wrong. Sometimes you can do everything perfectly but the results won’t come out the way you like. That’s life! That is why you have to be intentional about being happy no matter the circumstances around you. Life will always throw up surprises, so cheer up, put every disappointment in the past, and focus your energies on the blessings of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Re-direct your energies to important subjects, those ones that have the possibility of turning out well. The problem is that many are often too stuck in the disappointments of their past that they’re blind to the opportunities before them. If you fail to grab the opportunities before you, because you are still hung up on a past result, you may never get to the next step of your life. Growth is necessary for everyone, and growth is only possible if we take one step at a time toward a goal. Please take that step no matter how difficult it may be. Take it, that is the only way to break through that lethargy that comes with disappointments.

Put behind you that fear of failure. Learn from your mistakes and try again, even if it doesn’t work out, change your strategy and try again until something works. I understand that several disappointments weigh down the mind and drain it of energies for new ideas and possibilities, however, allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity would not get you anywhere. Enough with the self-pity and excuses, get up, roll up your sleeves, and start again.

Today is a good day to start again. Stop postponing your recovery, start today.

Have a good week!

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