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It is important to separate yourself once in a while; it is important to do so because there are subjects or matters of importance to you that you may need that “alone” time to reflect on and resolve. I believe that we are able to give more to whatever undertaking we are into, when our mind is settled, relaxed and operating at its best. Sometimes, the best way to get our body and mind at its best is to detoxify it!

 In today’s world, there are many techniques devised to help the human mind relax, e.g. yoga, deep breathing etc., this is to emphasize the importance of a relaxed mind. There are so many impersonal stimuli that can get the mind agitated, for instance many people are triggered by images of war, children affected by one natural disaster or another and the list goes on. Therefore, to function optimally, you may need to deliberately avoid these triggers which may be news items, documentaries etc. You can always dedicate your time to doing your bit to solve any humanitarian crisis you are able to resolve, but how do you handle those ones you have no control over, the ones that leave you emotionally drained and unable to operate at your best? Like I said earlier, the best way to handle those ones is to completely avoid them, especially, if you don’t have the emotional strength to take in such and still function well in your chosen endeavour.

Today is a good day to take a stock of your life. What do you spend most of your time doing? Are they improving your skills, helping you reach your goals or are they draining you and leaving you too lethargic to pursue your dreams? It’s time to go back to the drawing board, it’s time to really do something about that lingering problem. Avoiding or postponing the resolution of a problem does not solve that problem, it simply fetters until it becomes a huge problem that is more difficult to solve. So, instead of shifting ‘that vacation or a day time off” you know you need to take in order to relax and operate maximally, why don’t you take it now and begin to enjoy the benefits of having a relaxed and stress-free mind. A times, that subject or endeavour that you are currently on to, may be taking you a long time to conclude or finish up simply because you have drained your energy. It’s time to reboot. This may give you better clarity and a new perspective that may help you conclude that subject faster. 

 I hope this timely piece helps you reach that decision to take care of your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Do have a fruitful week!

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