Staying power

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Doing the impossible requires a staying power. It is also called resilience, the ability to think radically and go for what you want irrespective of the difficulties attendant on going that route. Doing the impossible may also mean not having a precedence to follow or following a road less taken.

Are you ready for certain heights in your career, business or life in general? Are you ready to make the sacrifices required to reach that height? If you are; follow me on this journey of discovery; to learn the best way to pursue our goals and make them a reality.

The first step to realizing your dream no matter how “impossible” that dream may seem, is to believe you can achieve it. Everything ever achieved in life starts in the mind, if the mind can conceive a thought and strongly believe it can achieve it, then it is only a matter of time before such dream becomes a reality. In other words, you have to conquer fear, feelings of inadequacy, and believe that you can achieve that dream. It does not matter what your background is, or how nobody you know has done that before, you just have to believe in yourself first, before other processes can follow.

The next step is to find out what you need to do to make that dream realizable. Do you have to go to school, take certain classes, learn under an industry expert, become an apprentice etc., just find out what exactly you need to do to find yourself on the path to your dreams. This step will also involve finding out the cost you must incur and how to fund such dream, etc. It may also involve taking extra part time jobs to meet up wth the financial requirements of your dreams and those extra things you have to deny yourself in the interim because you are focused on your pursuit.

In between believing your dream is realizable and discovering what you have to do to achieve that dream is the waiting stage. There may be times when things do not go as planned despite your efforts. You may have to try again and again to get that step realized and move on to the next step. In all these, don’t be daunted, keep your eyes on your goal.

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Finally, to do the impossible, you should be ready to recognize the place of mentors, there are chances that others have achieved success in that field you are trying to break into, look for those people and be mentored by them. Where you don’t find mentors, read through other people’s story and be encouraged by their story, go ahead and create that path that can mentor other people in the future.

Have a great week and don’t forget to do the impossible this week!

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