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Starting afresh requires a great deal of resilience. It may involve looking back and in some cases abandoning works/projects you have already started which you may have expended a lot of resources (time, money, energies etc.) on, but that is why it is called new beginnings.

You need to begin anew if you realize that the premise upon which you started that project/work is a false one. You need to start afresh when you get a new perspective to an issue, you also need to start afresh when it is simply right to do so. Plan ahead, by all means stick to the plan, be flexible enough to recognize the need to change your strategy or reassess your goals. We live life because it is meant to be lived, not lived in a perfect way, rather in a way that allows us to learn from our mistakes and those of others; become a reference point for people who are still on their journey of self-awareness.

Try again, do not be afraid to begin anew. It may not be all easy peasy, I mean the resources and the mental energy required to start is not a small one, but if you desire certain unique results, then you must know when the time is appropriate to begin again. If it’s your desire to get an education, irrespective of the age you formed that desire, be bold enough to go for what you want. Is your desire to own a corporation, an establishment? whatever it is, it is not too late to start. Starting does not guarantee you instant success, but once you are true to yourself and committed on that path, with time you will realize your dream. Do not always gun for instant success, sometimes it may rob you of the lessons of the process. Do not be discouraged by delayed results, if you can, you should learn whatever lessons those opportunities present to you and apply those lessons in your life’s journey.

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It is time to begin again, get back on your feet! This is not the time to feed your regrets, it is the time to reboot, rethink and start afresh!

Have a good week!

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  1. New beginnings are not always easy. But it’s better to take the step than not trying at all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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