Good communication skills

err is human to forgive is divine”, this popular saying is used basically when
encouraging an offended person to forgive the person that offended him,
especially in cases where the other party is genuinely sorry and wants to be

Human relationships are fraught
with a lot of miscommunications; miscommunications are the primary cause of
quarrels and bad bloods. Some people do not know how to communicate, they may
mean one thing, but say something else which of course may put them in trouble.
Therefore, no matter how we gloss over it, ”communication” is a big issue. If
you desire to be properly understood, then learn how to communicate well. This
means being invested in improving your communication skills, this may require
taking extra classes, making deliberate effort at communicating well and taking
corrections in good spirit.

To communicate well, you have
to be proficient in the language of your discourse. If you know people have complained
about your communication skill, then try to find out what aspect of your communication
is the problem. If it is indeed a language problem, go ahead and learn that
language properly. If it is an understanding problem, then before you respond
ensure you properly understood what has been said. You can also ensure that
there is no miscommunication between you and possibly a junior by asking that
person to repeat an instruction given. You may be surprised to learn what the person
heard is different from what you intended the person to learn. Of course, the
problem could reside on either side, whichever side it is, let the more mature
person be deliberate about passing on the required information in the clearest
and most unambiguous tone ever. Sometimes where parties in conflict refuse to
sit down to discuss the cause of their dispute and how such may be resolved,
involving someone with good communication skills can help them resolve their
dispute. In this case, the importance of good communication skills and
innovative problem solving skills becomes the more glaring. Therefore, do not neglect
the ‘good communication skills discussion’, if you can and should, improve your
communication skills.

have a good day.

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