Stay positive

start your week with a fresh dose of positivity. It’s a new week ushering new
opportunities, new beginnings and new happenings. You have the chance to make
it worthwhile, that is why you have to choose how you respond to external
factors irrespective of whether they are opposite of what you desire.

You can make out from any
circumstance what you wish. For instance when faced with a bad experience you
can either choose the lesson that experience has taught you or you can choose
to wallow in regrets, self-pity or self-doubt. Shake it off! Many people have
made stupid mistakes in time past, but they choose to rise from experience, learn the
lessons and move on to other things. Learn to block out negative vibes from
colleagues, friends or your outside environment. If any relationship is emotionally
draining then cut if off. Don’t give room for anyone or any circumstance to put
you down. It is okay to have regrets when an action you took turned out bad, what
is wrong is allowing that one action prevent you from taking further risks or
taking positive steps that will impact your life or that of others. Failure is
a sign that you are living and are busy. It is only the living that can fail.
Instead of being afraid of failing again, why don’t you use that opportunity to
review the steps you took, why you didn’t succeed, find out what you could have
done differently. It is only when you review your past steps or actions that
you have positioned yourself on the path of growth.

Growth comes as a result of
constantly doing an activity, improving yourself or your skills, learning from
your past experiences etc. Sometimes give room for these ‘unplanned
circumstances’, you may have or two things to learn from them.

Remember it is a new week, stay

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