Be open minded

Loosing sometimes can
still be a win if there are considerable life lessons to be learnt from that experience.
There are lessons you cannot learn in a formal classroom, it is only by living
that experience that you learn about that situation. Therefore don’t be averse
to all “failures”.

The problem is that we
have been conditioned to believe that we must succeed by all means. Everyone is
trying to succeed in this or that, the snag is that people fail to identify any
form of result that does not go according to their wish as success. Infact
seeing the opposite of what we desire or worked for is automatically tagged a
failure. While success means seeing a good result, failure does not
automatically mean seeing a bad result. That a result is different from what
you desire does not make that result a failure! Do not always conform to other
people’s definition of what “Failure or Success” is. Not everything
is white and black. Learn to tell the difference, treat each scenario according
to its facts, don’t apply the general rules.

In life, it is always good to leave room for unplanned circumstances.
Some of those unplanned circumstance may give you the result that you did not
plan for or anticipate but is actually what you need. Alexander Flemings’
discovery of penicillin was an accidental scientific discovery. He did not plan
for that result, but that result eventually came out well and served humanity.
So try to be open minded, do not always look at everything from the small lens
of good or bad.

It’s a new week, put on
your thinking cap, look beyond the general view of people on different
subjects, be open minded, make your independent research and reach your own

Have a good week!


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