Push on!

Being dogged has its advantages; it sets you apart when the going gets tough, (a lot of people buckle under
it also helps you see things to the end. Life can be tough; therefore, everyone needs to be
resilient in order to accomplish any useful feat.

Welcome to a new week! While everyone plans their
week expecting the best results, the good stuff and maybe a little hitch here
and there. No one really wants to think about “worst case scenarios”. The fact remains that
no matter how we plan for the good things, there may be times when the opposite
of our plans happens. So, what do you do when your well laid out plans and even the back
up one fails? The best thing to do is to understand why your plans failed. Did
it fail because of its
a third party interference etc.? Are there things you could have done differently? You can ask yourself more questions
if it gives you the answer you need. Most times the result we see dont just happen; a failed project could be as a result of a neglected
fact, a slight error, or even what you may think does not matter. Understanding
this helps you to prepare better for your next project. If it is an approval
from a third party that is totally within the third party’s discretion, you may
have no control over what this third party may find. In this type of scenario, do your best
and hope for the best.

Most times experiencing that first ”No or
rejection” is a simply a cue to try again. Don’t allow that failure to define
you. Try again! Have the right mindset and general outlook to life and you will
eventually succeed in that your pursuit

Have a great week ahead! 



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