Important lesson for today

listen to nay-sayers, the people who are quick to point out what you can’t do,
instead of encouraging you to try. Don’t listen to sycophants, the people who
are there to hail you when you are going astray just because of what they stand
to gain from you.

We all need good circle of
friends, families even close associates who are there to tell us the truth at
all times. We also need close confidants who are not in a hurry to release our
secrets to the world. As much as we need good people around us, we should also
try to be what we desire from others. There is a very high tendency for you to
attract the kind of energy you give out. Therefore be willing to be everything
you want from the people that come in close contact with you. What impression
do people have about you? Knowing this may help you to re-assess what area of
your life you need to work on.

Watch yourself so you don’t
ultimately become what you preach against. It is very easy to criticize people
when we have not lived their experiences or been in their shoes. Make sure you
would behave differently if you happen to go through the same experience the
other person went through and “failed”. While we agree that no man is infallible, this
shouldn’t be an excuse to succumb to all temptations and fail simple character
tests! Don’t forget, character is built over time, so if you fail an integrity test,
it just meant you didn’t devote yourself into building one at all. Despite the
misgivings we may have about sounding like “preachers”, it is still
apposite to remind us of what truly matters when the chips are down, so try to
do what you will be proud to defend if called upon anytime to defend or account
for your past actions.

Do have a fulfilled week!

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