Rise like a phoenix!

of what life has thrown at you, you can choose to learn and move on from that
experience or remain the victim of that experience. I would advise everyone to
choose the former. When people advise others to move on from a bad experience,
they are not saying that because it is easy to move on, they say that because
holding on to a bad situation can take you many years back, put you in a state of
limbo, totally not in the right state of mind to be productive or plan for the
future. Therefore, it does not matter what that experience is and how difficult
it is to move on, you just have to put it behind you and forge ahead.

Some people are emotionally
strong, it may not take them much to recover from a bad experience, others need
more time. Try and understand the category you belong to, this will help you
plan your life better. It is also important to know this when relating with
different people going through hurtful situations in life. Be empathic and also
firm when relating with people going through difficult times. Being firm helps
them to recover timeously and get ahead with their life. Being empathic helps them
know they are loved and have your full support. You may not have all the
answers or the solutions to people’s problems, if you can give that listening
ear, it may go a long way to help that person.

Life is full of eventualities,
unplanned events, etc., but that’s why it is life. No matter what it throws to
you, develop your coping mechanism, adjustment pattern and move on with your
life. Bad situations don’t last but tough people do. It is okay to cry, to feel
as if the whole universe is against you, these feeling happen occasionally,
just don’t let these seasons of your life last. Be positive, there is always
light at the end of the tunnel.  I would love to see you soar and succeed,
I would also love to see you rise like a phoenix from your ashes and be a
source of hope and inspiration to others going through bad situations.

Have a blessed week!

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