Stay glued to your dream

I love sleeping during the morning hours, in fact, one of the ways to make me grumpy is to cut short my early morning sleep. During my university days, at a time I held a position which required me to wake up very early, every Thursday mornings, so you can imagine how my Thursdays went. I never thought I could ever come out of this early morning grumpiness. The fact is that it went beyond the grumpiness, I actually had headaches just by waking up early in the morning. .
Some life changes occurred which didn’t give me a choice, for instance, after university days, I moved to Lagos where it became a necessity to wake up just early enough in order to get to work on time. My body system simply had to adjust itself to suit my new lifestyle. After several years, though it wasn’t easy, I noticed I now fare better waking up early, even the headaches stopped, I didn’t even know exactly when it stopped. It made me realise that life can throw up circumstances which toughens us up. Not necessarily to whip us but to prepare us for life.
You might be going through hard times now, you may have also done everything within your power to get a different result, see, sometimes these things happen to toughen you up, to make you better prepared for bigger responsibilities. So hold on a bit, continue doing what you are doing, if need be change your strategy, be consistent with your purpose, one day it will work out. I am yet to see people who made groundbreaking discoveries without going through periods of trials and failures until they got what they sought to achieve.
In this new year, continue to work on your goals, change your strategy if need be, do not give up on that dream.
Stay blessed.

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