Look before you leap

This life is very ephemeral. The people you see today, you may not see them tomorrow. What should you do about this? Absolutely nothing! If there is anything at all you wish to do about it, I think it should simply be limited to living life to the fullest. Take adventures, pursue your dreams, be polite to everyone and respect boundaries.

It’s the fourth week in January 2020. I remember we had barely said happy new year few weeks ago and we are here already. While it’s important to be mindful of the ephemeral nature of our existence, it is also good not to dwell on it. I think dwelling on that wouldn’t allow a person to live this life to the fullest. Make your plans, take risks that your heart can bear and move on with your life. It wouldn’t serve you or me any good to live life full of regrets and “Had I knowns”. So many “Had I knowns” may have been prevented if there had been a little pause or slight hesitation before taking a certain step. I believe that most irrational decisions and actions people had taken when angry or not fully in control of their emotions often result in cases of “Had I knowns”. It will be good to resolve today to think more deeply before taking actions.

Living life to the fullest is what I intend to do with my life seeing life is transient, but I also intend to think more deeply of any action I intend to take while trying to live my life. Ignore people that say, “Don’t over think it, just do it”. For me, it’s look, before you leap and that’s my advice to you today- to look deeply before taking that leap.

Have a beautiful week!

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