My Journey

It is totally okay and normal not to be sure of the best action to take at any point in time. We try to take the best decision which appears to be the best at the time we took the action, but, which may in retrospect look unreasonable to us. How do you know the best course of action to take at a critical time?  For me, it’s the peace test. When I have inner peace after taking a certain action, even when the result does not turn out the way I wanted it, I’ll be satisfied knowing I took an action which I felt was the best at that time. Others may have better ways of arriving at their decisions. Your decision making process should be devoid of emotions, you should feel a certain form of fulfillment arriving at your decision, it should be something you are proud of. Another way of assessing your decision or resolution on a particular matter is to ask yourself whether you will be proud of your action several years later. Is it something you would want your kids or loved ones to hear about? If the answer to all these questions is in the negative, then the truth of your actions will stare right back at you.
I would like to look back down the years and realize that the actions I took or did not take are actions I would be proud of taking again or in the converse refuse to take again in the nearest future. As we journey though life and as we aspire to be better versions of ourselves through processes we consider best, let’s always be reminded of the fact that, the results of the actions and decisions we take everyday will definitely show up in the future.
I want to be the best version of myself, so this week I resolve to look a bit more inwards and assess the decisions I have taken so far since the beginning of this year. I will then retrace my steps if there is any need for it. I invite you, if you so desire to join me on this journey.
Have a blessed week.

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