Proper Communication

I usually like to lay emphasis on my
strengths whenever I have had to apply for a job. The truth about the
application and resume writing process is that, sometimes we do not properly
communicate our experiences and natural giftings across to our potential
employers. Of course the result is as good as guessed, you might not get the
opportunity to be interviewed. A less qualified person may get the job simply
because he/she was able to speak to the mind of the potential employer. This
takes us to our insight for this week-the power of proper communication.
Communication is a subject that
seems simple to all but not as easy as we all think. That is why there are
professional programs and classes seeking to guide people on how to
communicate. For instance, where you are applying for a job, the employer usually
states what he/she is looking out for, where your experiences do not tally with
what the potential employer wants, your ability to communicate through your cv
and your job application other qualities you have that can help you learn faster
on the job might give you an opportunity for audience with your potential
Communication is not complete
until the other party fully understands what you intend to say. For efficient
communication process, try as much as possible to do a recap of what you have
said and have the other party agree or understnd what you mean,
and vice versa. In a formal setting have key points which summaries what you
have discussed. In an informal setting, try to get your audience to truly understand what you mean and not what they may have heard which may be totally different from what you mean.
In summary, lets all work on our communication skills, find out whether there is need for improvement and work on making such improvement if need be.
Have the best of this week.

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