Keep your eyes on the marks

Creativity does not just mean
your ability to create things from your imagination, it also includes your
ability to devise means to continue the process when the initial zeal for
the project has waned. There is always an exciting feeling about having a new
task to undertake, but somehow with time this zeal wanes especially where challenges
crop up. This means that whenever you have a creative idea, also make provision
for situations where the unexpected happens. I have had to take up projects
which I gave up along the line, some of them happened due to improper planning,
and some of them packed up just because I lost the zeal to carry on with them. I
don’t want this to continue, and I have planned to really take time to
understudy my next project before I jump headlong into it.
I plan to devise creative ways to
keep going, when the going gets tough. For instance, when I feel like giving
up I can draw strength from my support system. I can take a break and return to
the work later. I can do a totally different work unrelated to the task I have,
I can go back to my drawing board and remember how I conceived and started the
project initially.
People have different ways of
reacting to situations. Find out what works best for you, try and use it to
keep yourself going and please work on finishing your projects. A lot of us
have the bad habit of abandoning our ideas when the heat is much. That attitude
can never help you realise your full potentials. I am working on my weaknesses;
I hope you do so too.
Have a fruitful week!

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