A child is generally oblivious to
the happenings around it, usually it takes several years for a child to develop an
understanding of its environment and once this happens that innocence of
childhood gradually drifts away. Part of our duty as adults is not to shield our
loved ones from the society, but to help them understand everything about it,
-the good, the bad and the ugly. Exposure does not necessarily mean that they
will follow the wrong track, exposure prepares them emotionally to grapple with
certain facts about life. Our religious bodies are trying in their bit to fill
in this social need, but that effort needs to be upped. I understand that
studying behavioral changes might not be everyone’s forte, but I seriously believe
there is a need for everyone whether single or married to understand how to
deal with certain issues in child development.
Adulthood requires that one is
able to handle whatever responsibility that comes their way. Let’s look at this
differently, assume you have a project worth about millions of dollars, which necessitates that you are to research into ways of smooth transitioning of a child from a
stage of clear innocence or unawareness to  a stage of awareness where it can grapple with
the realities of life. When responsibilities like this comes our way, most people are
wired to think solutions. Assume you have this project, just ponder about what you can do if you are to handle a subject like this professionally. What do you think is the best way to handle such situations?
This week look beyond the job at
your desk, think over these issue, having an already made solution will help
you advise and mentor the child or young adult that may come across you.
Have a beautiful week!

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