There is something called
endurance, otherwise called patience, fortitude, self–restraint e.t.c. Simply
put, it is the ability to tolerate delays, problems without becoming annoyed or
anxious. You may at a certain point in your life experience certain uncertainties,
punches you wish were never thrown or circumstances you didn’t plan for
happening around you. You may find yourself in a crossroad, without any ideas
of what to do or how to handle the situations you are facing. To survive such situations,
you need to imbibe the patience virtue.
People are often too in a hurry to
reap the rewards of their labour. When we invest in ideas, businesses and
projects be it long or short term projects, we need to wait out the
developments stages, and the early mistakes that may be made. To conquer that
insatiable, human desire for immediate gratification, we need discipline. Self
restraint is needed in our everyday life to help us delay gratification and persevere
through unpleasant situations.
Take out time this week,
to examine yourself, you may have been too hard on yourself in certain areas of
your life. It’s quite ok not to get to a particular height at a certain age,
not to have met a particular threshold in your bank account. As long you work
hard and follow through plans, it might take awhile, but someday you will definitely
get there.
Resolve today to take life one
day at a time, not to compare yourself with others, and learn to praise
yourself for those little successes.
Do have a fulfilling week!

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