Act Differently

Write, Go for an outdoor activity, have a conversation with
someone, just do something different this week. It’s usual for our life to take a particular
pattern, -wake up every morning, go to work, come back evening hours, have
dinner, do some before-sleep activities, go to bed, go out Friday nights to
hang out with friends etc. While it is very normal and more comfortable to do
things the way we are used to; I mean that’s what we call living our life. Once in a
while, it is good to break out of that predictable pattern, for instance,
instead of going out with friends for a Friday or weekend hangout, what of just
doing a self-hangout. Take yourself out to a beautiful place, just you and your
mind, visit a relation or an old friend, one that you wouldn’t have had time
to see had you gone ahead with the drudgery of your life.
You can take a walk around your neighborhood,
go to the stadium and cheer on a team, just do something different this week.
Same applies to your daily work life, I understand that you may have many
timelines to meet and all that, consciously make an effort to do something
differently this week. Sometimes that different activity may be just what you need to refresh your mind and draw up new energies to do your usual activities
Have a splendid week!

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