I Evolve

The theory of evolution of man has it that man evolved from lower animals, until we got to the current state of man. Scientifically, this theory has been explained and is scientifically correct. I am not one to agree totally with a theory because a scientist said so, I don’t believe my forefathers were some smaller animals and what not. If I believe so, then I should probably believe that in the next many years to come my generation would have evolved into something totally different. I know my resistance to this theory doesn’t really matter, as most people believe it.
Why am I particular about the evolution story? Probably because it has some liking to what I tend to write today. If scientifically it is proven that man once existed in another form, it is then an indicator that human beings have the ability to change. We have the tendency to evolve into something totally different from our original character. We notice that sometimes, life circumstances and experiences tends to influence our opinions about life and change how we see things. I believe that sometime we may evolve positively into our better versions, while some may be so negatively affected that they evolve into something totally different from their original state.
An evolved being can either influence his society negatively or positively depending on the nature of his evolution. It is necessary to guide our heart and minds against negative influence, because should one allow all junks go in, we might evolve into a negative, bitter and cantankerous being. We all have that tendency. As you take in life circumstances this week, decide to guard your mind and heart to avoid retaining the negativities of your environment. Decide to stand up tall and evolve into a better person, a person of influence, strong mind and with the right attitude to conquer.Do have a blessed week!

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