One of the first signs that you are a normal human is when you react naturally to a situation that calls for such reaction. For instance it is natural to feel offended when someone offends you, it is also natural to cry when you are hurt. They are all normal ways of expressing one’s self. Infact, it has been proved that shedding tears can help relieve built up emotions and can help to detoxify the body.
While I agree that normal human reactions to unpalatable circumstances are natural, I do not agree that there should be over reactions to such uncomfortable circumstances. It’s okay to cry over a break up, it’s however not okay to unnecessarily mull over the failed relationship and refuse to move on. It’s natural to feel be angry with someone over an act which was done to you, but its psychologically draining to remain in that state of anger which eventually leaves you more vulnerable than the perpetrator of the offending action. Whilst no one owes another a duty to forgive or let go of a hurtful situation, sometimes it is just better to let go to free oneself of the unnecessary burden of carrying on a hurt.As a new workday commences today, resolve not to allow any bad relationship at work affect your performance, learn to talk through conflict situations, determine not to carry over the previous days hurt or disputes to another day, always start your day on a fresh note.

Do have a nice week.

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  1. Different individuals react differently in conflict situations. In my opinion it depends largely on the person's psychological make up. While one may decide to let go and move on, the other may try to do the same but fail. The solution then might be to go see a chancellor or have some other therapy.

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