Avoid stalling

I was just thinking about how
long I have had certain thoughts in my mind and how sometimes I think about
letting them all out, only to go back again and hide those thoughts and still
refuse to share them. I started writing again when I resolved I was going to redo everything I didn’t get right. Apart from the above, I’m also working on
other areas of my life and earnestly hope I won’t relent again. More like
having a new year resolution in second to the last quarter of the year. Anytime
you decide to do something you ought to do, do it, never mind if it’s coming
late, do it after all.
It’s a new week, a time to
conquer new heights, a time to think again and execute your plans. Its even a
time to redo what you didn’t get right the previous week, if the opportunity
to right those wrongs still exists. Let’s all be on our toes and avoid the menace
of procrastination. Where you find yourself falling for it, look for
alternatives means to refire your desires and do what you ought to do. Are
there conversations you need to have? Are there people you need to talk to? Please get up and have that talk.
Go on and shine this week, as you
resolve to take all the actions you need to take. Just as our caption for this week says “Avoid stalling”. Please avoid stalling, take that action now!

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