An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; pure revenge, simply getting back at people who may have hurt you. I don’t condemn people who toe this route, because they may have hurt really bad to consider revenge as a way to assuage their feelings. The funny thing about pay back is that you do not get relived just by the very act of revenge, your heart may still hurt. Of course the satisfaction of seeing the person hurt may be sweet, but I can assure you, that’s a temporary feeling.
This post is not intended to preach about forgiveness (though you may see it as one), but to make us see the best way to move on from a hurtful situation. When you feel hurt by the action of a loved one, try and meet the person to talk about the situation, it will help to let the other party know you feel hurt by their actions. Where the person is not cooperative, try and purge yourself of the hurt and move on.  I know that moving on may not be easy, but that’s still the best approach to healing. Do what makes you happy, but remember to forgive and move on, please forgive yourself too, try not to wallow in the hurt or feel you may have contributed to the hurt you experienced. Fight that internal monster that may wish you to engage in other hurtful conducts against your offender or yourself.
Back to the subject of forgiveness, Is it truly difficult to forgive? I think everything is about ones perspective. I have had dealings with people who barely allow anything affect them, and when you ask them how they manage to pull through a hurtful situation, they say “oh yeah, I felt bad, I just didn’t allow it wake up with me the following morning”. I respect such personalities. They exude a lot of positivity. So I have a suggestion, have such kind of people in your circle of friends and acquaintances, they help you to see beyond the hurt you experienced and may help you heal faster.
To anyone hurting, this message is for you, forgive yourself and your offender, talk about the situation that led to the hurt with a close confidant and then resolve to move on from the hurt.

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  1. it’s actually difficult to forgive sometimes but then, the realisation that holding a grudge is a more difficult burden to bear makes a whole lot of difference.

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