My Unclogged Mind

A baptised person in Christendom means one that has undergone a baptism under an ordained priest. This baptism is believed to purge the person baptised of previous sins believed to have been inherited by the person by virtue of being a descendant of Adam, who according to the Christian faith brought sin upon the earth. So in summary baptism purifies a person and makes him something akin to a new being, without flaws and all that.
I decided to illustrate my subject of discussion for this week with the christian concept of baptism, because it might help to drive home my point. At times there is a need to go for a baptism of our mind, I mean taking out time for sober reflection, maybe going for a holiday somewhere, or just getting out of circulation for a while for a deep soul searching. You will be surprised on what you may find out after that time out, the energy dissipated will not be a wasted effort if it aims to purge you of bad habits, a clogged mind and all those weight you are carrying all alone.
I have heard some people have a thinking room where they retire to each day or whenever they wish to have private times to ruminate over issues and purge the mind of its worries. This is a habit many do  not have, so they end up carrying over the last weeks worries and problems over to a new week. Imagine if we all decide to create a time each day or week, or even a month to devote some hours for deep soul searching, it will go a long way to help to clear one’s head and draw up better energies for a new week, month etc.
Every step to self improvement are steps to be taken immediately, so, I implore you to try out this baptism- a baptism of your mind as often as you can.

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