A Light to our paths.

It starts as an idea, a light, a realization that something can come out of something. Something that “YOU” only have in your mind. An idea or an imagination.Whenever an idea is burning deep down in your heart, please pick a pen and write it down. Writing it down makes it more real and not just another figment of your imagination. Writing it down has a way of helping reanalyse the idea and knowing whether it is practicable. It further helps to find out more about that idea. It is upon this analysis that the decision on whether this idea should be converted to a project or not is taken. If it’s not workable, then it’s time to try out more ideas, until something practicable is realised.

Man’s desire to create is insatiable. That desire led to scientific and technological breakthroughs in our time. As long as this desire exists, I believe there would be many more inventions and more explosive breakthrough that will wow the world. That’s how creative the mind really is. So the question I will like you my reader to ruminate over this week is whether you have put your mind to its best creative use. Our mind is so powerful that it can achieve anything it sets out to achieve. But what happens when the mind is not put to use, or when the mind’s creative ability is deployed to find creative excuses on why certain things cannot be done.THE HUMAN MIND, the engine room that controls the universe. Oh How I wish, we can deploy you to your fullest capacity, to create and not to destroy, to bring solutions and breakthroughs and not excuses, to change our world.

As you decide to put your mind to its best creative use this week, may you encounter that genuine idea, that illumination that can light up the world and show others the path to greatness.

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