The act of being altruistic comes
naturally to some people, for others it takes a special and conscious effort to
imbibe this character. Some of these actions have to be learned. The same
reason we take up courses in the higher institutions and end up being
professionals in that regard is the same way we are supposed to learn and
imbibe habits that do not come naturally to us. I for one suffer a great
deal of procrastination, I have had friends who unlike me executes projects
more easily than I ever did. I realized I had an action problem and have over
the years taken steps to overcome this habit. I work on myself everyday to
ensure I don’t relapse.
As humans we are not born
perfect, in fact our imperfections are what makes us human. Sometimes our
imperfections can hinder us from making major life decision or taking major quantum
steps. To become our better versions, we are to work on ourselves. Identify
your area of weakness and make conscious effort to become better.
It’s a new week, let’s make a
conscious effort to do something for another person, one in which you are not
paid for. Altruism is lacking in our generation, let’s do this week differently.
Have a beautiful week.

2 thoughts on “ALTRUISM”

  1. I am inspired by this post, not really in the areas of altruism but in terms of working on oneself to be a better individual.. Have a beautiful week too 👍

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