Self-improvement is a subject of
great importance. Without it, there would be stagnation in every facet of life.
Technological developments, breakthroughs in science and medicine are all a result
of someone’s constant search for more; for a better way of doing things. Self-improvement
is a condition precedent to growth and success. I have never seen anyone who succeeded
in doing something without making conscious effort to improve their skills or
knowledge about a subject of their interest. To grow in life, we have to make
it a point of duty to constantly improve ourselves.

Most organizations invest in
human capital development not because they do not know what else to do with their
funds but because they recognize the importance of investing in the personal developments
of their staff. The result of this investment may be seen in improved
productivity of the staff of such organization. As individuals we should not
wait to be prompted to improve our skills or knowledge about different subjects
in life. Seek knowledge, not necessarily because you want to improve your
earnings, seek knowledge because it is good for you to know more than you
already know now. We are in a “lucky” generation where every information we
need is just a click away, so we do not need to go too far to get answers to
some of our questions. Question existing knowledge, in asking these questions,
we get answers that may not be “there”. Do you think you have these answers,
then put it out, have people test it, the result is that a new body of
knowledge may be formed.

The need for self-development
cannot be over-emphasized; while age and life teaches us about certain things,
there are a whole lot of other subjects that we cannot actually know, except we
put in efforts towards knowing them.

It is another brand new week,
make it a point of duty to learn something new every day, plan your timetable
to include working on your personal development.

Have a fruitful week.


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