Decision Making

The best thing to do when you are
agitated is to stay calm and process your thoughts before taking an important decision,
this is because we are not our best when we are worried or nervous about
something. Most decisions taken at these vulnerable moments usually yields bad
results, so if you can delay that decision do so, do it at a time when you are
in a better state of mind.

There is a whole world of
difference between taking a decision that would not impact much on your
activities and taking another decision which if wrongly taken would not only have
an impact on you but will also affect others. The latter is the type of
decision you should make at your best moments. Leadership problems are always a
case of bad decision making; either a failure of capacity leading to wrong
decisions or a decision taken at a bad emotional state. There are other factors
that can affect one’s leadership ability, but bad decision making skills takes
the lead. Leading others to achieve a common objective is the goal of every
leader, so if every leader has this in mind, he would really think deep before
passing a judgement or choosing a particular course of action. This also connotes
being able to say NO or NOT NOW when being pushed to choose a particular action
when you are not in your best frame of mind.

Today is the first day of the
month of March, which also marks the beginning of the end of the first quarter
of the year. It is therefore a good opportunity to review your actions or inactions since
the beginning of the year. Some of those actions may not have been the best, do
you still have opportunity to right some wrong steps, if you have, go ahead and
do it. If you don’t have the opportunity to correct those actions, learn from
them and learn to only make major decisions when you are in your best frame of

Happy new month!

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