How to accomplish more.

Making a decision to start a
particular activity is the easiest thing to do, the real work is in actually
executing your plans. That’s why many people have a lot on their to do list without
a corresponding success in executing all their plans. I think the trick to
executing your plans is to be truthful to yourself about the activities you are
committed to doing. Removing the activities that can wait till later unclogs
your list leaving you to focus only on activities you are ready to embark on at
the moment. This makes your list less overwhelming and gives you more chances
at accomplishing more.

Starting up a new venture can also
be demanding, you want to make it work, so you put in all your efforts, you
take all the risks which may or may not work, but you do it all the same because
you are committed to making the project work. In any journey you wish to embark
in life, always be truthful to yourself from the beginning, ask yourself questions
like “whether you are committed to seeing that project/ activity work”, the
next step is to remove all distractions and then focus your energies on actions
that will get you to your destination. If you have a good attention span and
you know you can handle many activities successfully, go ahead and do as much
as you are able to do. I only recommend doing one thing at a time if you know
you do not have a record of being able to juggle a lot at the same time.

The simple rule to this is to
know your natural abilities, work on your weaknesses and devise the best
strategy to help you accomplish more tasks, then effect any necessary changes.

Have a wonderful week.

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