“No” can be a good response

The problem with trying to please
everyone is that you can’t please everyone. The likely result is that you may
feel down as a result of your inability to fulfil your promises, call it guilt
feeling, many people experience this when they have tied up themselves with too
many commitments in an attempt to please everyone and then fail to keep to
their words. I believe trying to please everyone is one of the recipes to living
an unfulfilled life.

Learn to say NO! Saying no gives
you the room to review your options properly, after such review, you may find
out that a “yes” answer is not a bad choice, you can then go ahead to change
your initial response. The case is different when you allow yourself to be
pressured into committing to something, you say “yes” without evaluating all
the circumstances, the result of this is always better imagined than
experienced. Learn to take control of your life, do not be pushed around by
people, do things because you truly want to do them and not because you have
been blackmailed to them. It is easy to tell people, yes I will do this just to
stop them from disturbing you, while it may appear to you to be the best
response at that moment, it may not always be the best reply, the better option
is to defer your answer if it is not urgent.

Practice expressing your opinions
and convictions, it is not bad to feel strongly about something, just learn how
to accept divergent opinions from your view point. Furthermore, understand that
everyone cannot like you, so stop trying to please everyone. One of the ways to
take care of your mental health is to know when to say NO!

Remember this lesson as you go
through your daily activities this week, do not give a pressured response.

Have a nice week.  

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