Try your best to put in your best
in any activity you embark on. If something is not worth giving the best, then
I see no reason to waste one’s time going for that activity or project. It’s
simply not worth it. When you have put in your best into a venture and that
venture did not yield the maximum output you expected, it is natural to feel
bad about it, but at least you can beat your chest that you gave it your best shot.

While certain activities may not
be totally that serious or may be what you have accessed as having little or no
potential damage if something goes wrong, if you have decided to take on that
activity, it is still good to give it your best. When people learn to treat
every work they undertake to perform as important, there would be more results
and less wasted resources dealing with consequences of actions not taken right.
It takes time to form habits, some are formed unconsciously, so when you have
an “I don’t care” attitude towards activities or works you consider “not that
important” this might eventually reflect in the “important ones”. Undertake all
your tasks as if they were very important, so that the discipline you have
built will reflect in both big or small tasks. In essence, do not look down on
any activity as long as you have chosen or given people word that you will
embark on it. This simple life lesson may often be overlooked, but when consciously
practiced it can help you build a consistent pattern and will reflect well on
how people perceive you.

It’s another new week in February,
build the habit of excellence, learn to put in your best in everything you do.

Have a fulfilling week.

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