Plan and execute well

Let’s discuss a bit about our
decision making process. What prompts the decisions you make? Is it fear of the
unknown or do you arrive at your decisions because you have researched well on
the possible outcomes and you know that whichever way it turns out you are
ready to bear the consequences of that decision you took, or do you just rush
things through because you prefer immediate execution of your plans.

There are times we need to employ
all our human senses in reaching certain decisions, you have to be logical but
don’t totally overlook your emotions. Being able to manage the two well usually
results in a balanced judgement. Making good decisions determines how far or
how well your goals can be achieved. It is not always about getting things
done, those things have to be done well, and like I emphasized earlier, your
decision making process contributes a whole lot to your final result. Some
people are more action oriented than planning oriented, others are more
inclined to take more time in their planning process than the execution part. Also,
action oriented people are sometimes in a hurry to get over the planning phase, the only problem is that if they do not take proper caution that action taken may fail because of a rushed plan. It is good to balance things out, so
you spend the proper time planning your moves and then execute at the right
time, that is when you can get the right result.

Knowing our natural inclinations
will help us to know what part of the planning process we should work on, this
will help us produce better results. So what are you waiting for, self analyse yourself
and your recent actions and fix what needs fixing.

Have a fruitful week!

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