Self examination

 It is very easy to be stuck at a
particular phase of life. It is easy to be there because that is what you are familiar
with. It doesn’t matter whether such is an uncomfortable life style or habit or
a particular type of people, you are simply there because you cannot imagine
something different from what you are used to. Change is the only constant
thing in life, unfortunately while people desire change, sometimes they are
unwilling to do what it takes to experience the change they desire.

Being in your comfort zone makes
you work less hard than you should. Experiencing a different outcome from what
you are used to requires hard work and effort. It requires deliberate steps
into doing what will give you your desired result. The first step to
experiencing the change you desire is self-examination. Self-examination will help
you discover your comfort zones; you might not even know them except you
deliberately examine yourself. You may discover some areas of your life that
you wish were different, instead of wishing for the change, put in efforts
towards creating what you wish.

Human beings are very good at
spotting errors or problems of others without using the same lens to see
themselves. The effect is that we have a lot of people complaining about something
another person is doing, with nobody actually doing what ought to be done. When
A complains that B is not good enough for something and B complains about C or
A, the effect is that we have all of them talking without actually solving any

Make today a day of self-examination,
it’s time to work for the change you desire. Are you tired of being in a
particular spot, then do something about it?

Have a wonderful week!

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