Must it be said?

Some things are better left
unsaid.  A lot of hurtful words said when
emotions are high are usually regretted. Learn to master your emotions. If it
is difficult for you to avoid talking when angry, then leave that environment until
you are in a better frame of mind to talk. While it is not possible to avoid
frictions, it is possible to handle it better to avoid destroying
relationships. People tend to say what they don’t mean when angry,
unfortunately the recipient of that word may take it to heart and may never be
the same.

Learn how not to take things to
heart, especially words said during the heat of passion.  Of course, those words may hurt you, but do
not give your attacker the power over you by reacting exactly as they desire
which is to hurt you. If it’s a relationship you value, you can go back to the
person when both of you are in a more relaxed mood to talk out your differences.
It is better than exchanging words and risking damaging a valuable

Words are powerful, whenever it
is released, it cannot be taken back. Often an apology may not be sufficient to
cure a problem already caused by what you said which “you did not mean”.
Imagine a child being shaped by words you did not mean. Children are
impressionable, they believe whatever you say to them. A child that have been a
long recipient of bad words tend to grow up a damaged adult. That damaged adult
may develop a long term problem of believing they are inadequate, they are
prone to believing any negative word thrown at them during altercations.

Before you say those words, think
twice. Ask yourself whether that word must be said. If it must not be said,
then leave it.

Have a fruitful week!


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