How to deal with stress!

Living in big cities can really
be a big challenge, especially if that city has a problematic traffic situation
and you have to commute to and from work every day during rush hours. How do you
handle the stress of living in a big city? Yes, you need to have a coping
mechanism, if not, the stress of the city will impact negatively on your health.

Firstly, to live a healthy life,
you have to understand your body. The body usually gives us signs before it breaks
down, when you are overwhelmed, take a break, relax, unwind and then continue
your work. When it’s lack of sleep, take out time despite your busy schedule to
have short naps; short naps can be therapeutic. While commuting try and listen
to a good music or read a good book, if you can work, then start your work
early on your mobile device, so you can leave office on time and retire early.
There is really no particular approach for these things, just understand your body
and know when it’s time to call it a day. Everyone has different survival
mechanisms, know what works for you, that is the only way you can cope in
big cities.

As you set out to commence your
work this week, ask yourself simple questions eg. Is
there any way I can handle this task to prevent likely problems in future? Do I
need help? If I need help, where and how fast can I get help? When must I turn
in my task? How do I ensure I give in my best to yield maximum output? The
questions above if answered truly can make you a more effective person. Inherent in all these questions, is the
question of your mental health, if you take care of your mental health by
handling stress well, you will produce more results.

Have a fruitful week!  

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