It is your choice

When in doubt about an action you
are about to take, pause and ask questions. Do not go ahead with that action
until all your doubts are cleared. This simple precaution is an antidote to
most “Had I known” statements. A little precaution, a small pause, a short hesitation
may save you from an irreparable loss or mistake.

Welcome to a new week! While its nothing new or necessarily something
worthy of celebration, it is still good to recognize that you just gained
another opportunity to do something right, or amend any past errors you may
have made. Life is all about having constant motions, some of these motions may
eventually yield something good while some may not give us what we want.
Knowing this helps you to be more cautious of the decision you are about to
make before making them. It is not about doing what every other person does,
but rather about doing what will work for you. Agreeing with what everybody
says without attempting an independent opinion is not the best way to make a
decision. To make a choice, you should verify all the options you have, the advantages
and disadvantages of all of them including people’s opinion about them. After scrutinizing
these options, you can go ahead to choose a particular course of action. When
you go through this process it will help you to understand your works better,
why A worked or why B failed. The implication is that in the long run, you have
learnt what or what not to do to achieve a particular desired result.

With the above in mind, try to
take a deliberate step this week to doing what will pay you in the long run.
Take an informed decision, and you will likely get the result you desire.

Have a good week!


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