Conflict resolution

Beauty they say is in the eyes of
the beholder, this is a very correct statement because what constitutes beauty
to Mr. A may be totally different from what Mr. B considers beautiful. So it is
in every aspect of life. Because humans are wired to be different, our approach
to issues, life in general will not always coincide. This is why we have to be
tolerant of opinions different from ours. You do not know it all, explore every
opportunity to learn something new from another person.

One of the best ways to live this
life is to learn to tolerate people. Your approach to conflict may be more
mature than that of another person probably because you grew up in a better
environment, or because you have taken up classes in conflict resolution or
simply because you are wired differently. Knowing that people may not have had
a similar background or experience like yours when conflicts are up, may make
you the better person to manage the conflict. This is important in your
everyday dealings with people, at work, home etc. The price to pay for your
emotional maturity is being the bigger person in every preventable conflict.

As we relate with people, there
are bound to be conflicts, which is usually as a result of difference in opinions
and orientation. You may not always be able to diffuse a situation and when it does
escalate, let it not be because you did nothing to better manage the situation.
A lot of human hour and resources are usually wasted in preventable conflict or
improperly managed tensions. For those with the natural tendency to blow up, learn
to better manage your emotions. The excuse of “that’s the way I am” does not absolve
you from the responsibility to be a better master of your emotions.

Adapt this new thought to your
relationship with others this week and have a beautiful week ahead.  

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