Keep writing

Write down your thoughts or whatever
you are feeling when you are overwhelmed. Sometimes writing it down helps you
put things in proper perspectives. It might help you discover that some of the
things you thought actually matter do not matter, this will help you refocus
your energies in worthwhile ventures.

In planning, you must outline what
you want to do, how to do them, when they must be done and how to go about
achieving them (i.e deploying personnel, capital etc.). Going headlong into a
project to deploy resources without a firm plan is usually counter-productive.
Infact it is the easiest way to ensure that the project falls through. Just as
planning is important in every project you seek to embark on, writing is also
important in every plan. Don’t just plan with your head, put it down somewhere,
no matter how retentive you think your memory is, it would do better with a
well written plan.

Another aspect of writing people
often does not acknowledge is the fact that whatever you have written down lives
longer than you. Where the subject is something you intend to pass on, the best
way to pass it on is to pen it down. You may have life principles that have worked
for you or a business strategy that made you successful, part of your legacy
may be to pass it on. To pass such on, put it in a written form, following those
principles may just be what another person needs to get started on their plan.

As much as it lies within your
power, use your pen always.

Have a fruitful week!

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