Emotional maturity

 Being angry about someone’s
conduct against you or someone’s failure to live up to a certain expectation is
totally normal. As we relate with people there are bound to be disagreements,
emotional outbursts, disappointments and so on, but it is how we manage our
emotions at these times that shows our growth and maturity as individuals.

Control your words when you are not
in the best state of mind as some words when released can never be taken back.
You can always apologize for a wrong conduct or forgive someone for a wrong
conduct, but there are words which when released are difficult to take back. In
cases like this a mere apology is not useful as it cannot take back what has
been said. Words are very powerful, it can make or mar someone, so before you
react or talk when angry think again. One of the ways to master your emotions
is to learn to leave an environment that is injurious to your mental and
emotional health. Another way is to choose to ignore the urge to talk by
counting to ten or even hundred, this can help to calm down your nerves until
you are in a better frame of mind to talk. In summary, just learn how to manage
your emotions better in order to avoid causing a preventable problem. Remember
being angry is not the problem, the problem is what you do or say when angry. It
should not be excused with, “Oh, I was just angry that’s why I did or said that”.
Don’t excuse your misbehavior with that last sentence, just learn to master
your emotions better.

It is another week day, so many
things will come your way, both the good and the bad, your reaction to each of
them will go a long way to determine the type of individual you are becoming.

Do have a wonderful week!


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