Strike a balance

 Dedication simply means paying
undivided attention to a particular thing, subject or idea that has caught your
interest. It also means an undivided loyalty to that subject. No matter the distraction,
you are simply too involved with that subject to abandon it half way. Human
beings by nature are curious, in other words you want to know more about things
happening around you. Sometimes, this curiosity may be quite unnecessary where irrelevant
issues are concerned, the thing is knowing when to focus your attention on more
important things as trying to put your head into everything may make you lose
focus on the things that really matters.

It’s a new week, it is time to re
assess your work and things that you have been spending more time on. Are they
really worth it? Or are they those irrelevant things that stops you from completing
your major tasks. Look for ways to stop yourself from being unnecessarily
distracted. I mean there is more possibility at succeeding at something when
you give it more time and attention than when your attention is divided among
many things. Focus, put your energies in one subject, take it one after the
other and give it truly enough time to become something. You may not have all
the resources at your disposal to pursue all your interest, this is more the
reason you should take life easy. Even if you have all the resources available
to you, knowing which subject to take first and the one to take later will
contribute eventually to the success or failure of what you are doing. The key
word is to know when to strike a balance and dedicate sufficient time and
attention to a particular subject before moving to the next one.

Make your week more effective,
try to take one step at a time.

Have a fruitful week!

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