Seasons of Life

There is time for everything, there
is a planting season and there is a harvest season. It is important to know
your current season in life so you don’t compare yourself unnecessarily with people
in a different season of life from you.

Planting seasons are not always
pleasant, it involves a lot of hard work. For the farmer, the stage starts with
bush clearing, then soil preparation, sowing and adding fertilizers, irrigation
etc. This is not a one-day process, it takes some time to go through all the
stages before the seed planted grows and becomes mature for harvest. Every
adult has to go through this season of growth before they achieve success in
their chosen endeavor. Work hard, put in efforts towards doing what you ought
to do to be where you want to be. Networking is very important, try and mix up
with people. Sometimes knowing the right people can get you much closer to your
goal that going solo. Focusing on your goal is very good, it does not obviate
the need to get the required information from sources that could help you reach
your goal faster.

Join groups and make connections
with people in the segment of the society you are interested in. Take online
classes if it will help you in your chosen endeavor. Keep practicing what you
have learnt, take out time to check the amount of time and effort you put into
something you consider important. Also confirm whether you can reasonably say that
you have given in your best for that course. Remember if you forget to plant
your seeds there will be no fruits for you to harvest during your harvest

It is not too late to start
working on yourself. Note the negative habits that are impacting on your time
and drop them then make a deliberate effort to sow on your farm.

Have a fruitful week!



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