Be Cautious!

 Look before your leap! This
phrase is used when trying to tell someone to be cautious about something they intend
to do. It may be a business risk, a career decision or just a major financial
decision; it is usual to be cautious in order not to be burned.

How do you balance the need to be
cautious and the need to act immediately in order not to miss an opportunity?  Truly it is not an easy thing to do, because
whilst trying to do the latter, you may fall short of the former and the result
may not be what you desire. When an opportunity shows up, way the pros and cons
of not doing that act immediately, if the pros outweighs the cons, then go
ahead and do it, if the cons outweighs the pros no matter how you feel
pressured to take the opportunity, be doubly cautious. Being cautious does not
mean being averse to risk. In fact, good risk takers only take calculated risks!
Taking a deep pause before acting simply lowers the risk of failing in that
work, project or whatever you have chosen to embark on. Does being cautious
eventually prevent a bad result? No, it does not, it simply lowers the
propensity of failure. So whilst being cautious or doing everything to ensure
you succeed in something, take care to note that something you may not have planned
for may still come up to ruin your effort. The latter may or may not happen,
but being a risk taker also involves focusing on the positives and doing all
within your power to achieve your desired result.

Make a conscious effort this week
to be doubly cautious, weigh advantages and the disadvantages of the opportunities
that may come your way this week before taking a stand!

Have a fruitful week.

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