Live Life!

One thing about making a choice
of where to live, where to work, who to marry, the social circle to mingle with
is that the effect of that choice often stays with you for a long time. If you make
a good choice in any of the above, you will live to reap the fruit of long lasting
and beneficial relationships. If the reverse is the case, you may have to often
look back with regrets and wish you could change the hands of time.

We do not have the opportunity of
choosing some things in life, for instance you do not choose your parents,
neither do you choose the type of environment you grow up in. These are the choices
we do not make, but we can choose whether or not to allow the circumstances of
our birth dictate our future especially where such background is not one to be
proud of.  To live life is to take risks,
to avoid risks is to stop living. So, despite the fact that there are hard
decisions we must make, we must be prepared to live with the consequences. Some
consequences can be totally avoided if you’ve made proper inquiry before taking
that decision, but in some cases your precautions may not be enough to avoid
certain dire consequences. Whatever is the case, learn how to own up to your
mistakes and if it is still possible do something to mitigate the result of
your decision even if you cannot totally change the outcome.

The world requires brave men and
women who are not afraid to navigate uncharted waters. Take risks. Don’t be too
comfortable with the norm, discover what may be outside that norm, who knows it
may be way better than what you are used to!

Have a good week.


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