Be normal

Today is another new day, a day
to conquer new things, reflect on past conducts and commit to doing things
differently to achieve a more desired outcome. Where your results have been
great, then today is another day to intensify effort into continuing with your success
strategy that is obviously working for you. Truly, life can be easy and without
complications if we take things easy and go through each stage of life one step
at a time.

Do not feel pressured to conform
to the society or simply do things others consider normal just because it is
the popular thing to do. Having fun may mean different things to different
people including hanging out with friends, partying, travelling etc, your own
definition of fun can also mean just being alone, sleeping, waking up and
relaxing all by yourself. Do not let other people’s definition of what
something should be define yours. We are all different, therefore choosing to co-exist
with others with our individual personalities should be the goal, rather than
trying to change to become what others accept as normal. Normal people live
their lives minding their business, setting goals and achieving them. Normal people
do not try to change others to fit into their definition of what a person
should be. So be yourself, live your life and do your thing. Remember, being
yourself and refusing the society’s standard, does not mean you should be badly
behaved and then tag it “being yourself”. There is no excuse for bad attitude,
work on your flaws if you have one and appreciate people who are bold enough to
say it to your face.

Trying to live a “normal life”
can be tasking, especially if we keep trying to be like others or create ourselves
into something we are not. Be you, that’s being “normal”.

Have a fruitful week.


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