An integral part of life that is
most often neglected in pursuit of “far better issues” is the issue of
commitment. People often take up roles or jobs they do not desire, but probably
took up because people expected them to fill up a role or in the case of a job,
it was the only readily available option at that time. The result is that they
handle that role/job without any commitment. Commitment means being ready to go
the extra mile in order to see that your result is achieved. In the context of
human relation, it means caring about someone enough to do all it takes to
advance the other person, including not being the cause of their sorrow, offering
them opportunities to become a better version of themselves, letting go of
hurts that may destroy the foundation of that relationship.

One of the ways to know what
someone desires is by checking what they are really committed to. For this, you
do not force them, you can literally see the light of their passion shining
through as they pursue that which they truly desire. They are not afraid to
make mistakes because they are ready to rise back up even if they fall on their
way. Avoid being caught up in a situation where you are just seeking to pass
by, you know just waiting for what the day brings. Being generally complacent
about a job or a position that you have been assigned to handle is one of the indications
that you probably shouldn’t have taken up that role. One of the effects of
continuing in that job is lack of fulfillment, under performance and general
irritation. Be bold, resign and give it up for someone that truly loves it,
someone that is ready to be dedicated to it, someone that does not run away at the
first sight of difficulty, someone that is happy to go the extra mile; this is
the type of energy needed in every job or responsibility that we have undertaken
to perform.

It is a new week, the first day
of a new month, the eleventh moth of the year, it also very good time to reflect
on our lives and make necessary changes.

Have a wonderful week.

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