Seek clarification

Do you think asking question
helps to clear confusions? I think so, but what I do not understand is why some
people find it difficult to seek clarification on certain confusing matters.
They would rather prefer to make all forms of mistakes before admitting they
need help. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with trial and errors but
there is something definitely wrong with not getting all your full facts before
going ahead with a task.

So much man-hour and resources are
usually wasted where people make bad mistakes that could have been avoided if clarifications
were sought before embarking on a project. It is time for us to review our work
patterns or life styles to know whether we are guilty of this. Some people are
very reserved, introverted and finds it hard to interact with people. People
with this personality are more likely to work on their own including making avoidable
mistakes because they find it difficult to ask questions or seek help from
people. As humans we are all created different, our different personalities
make us unique and strong. Our responsibilities as humans is to keep working
towards becoming a better version of ourselves and this includes identifying our character traits and working on changing the ones that does not enhance us or our output generally. For instance, being an introvert may make you
unwilling to relate with a lot of people, but you can work on this by making a
conscious effort to seek help or ask questions where necessary even though you
don’t feel like doing so, if this will help you accomplish your tasks better.

It is a new week, another
opportunity for us to conquer new grounds and frontiers. What are the factors militating
against your plans to reach new heights? Identify them, work on removing those
obstacles, then ask question or seek clarifications where necessary.

Have a beautiful week.

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