Be Unique

Every individual is unique; this
uniqueness makes us to see things differently from others, it makes one to
react in a particular way to situations, it also makes us amenable to certain
changes that may not be easily accepted by others. I believe these and a lot
more is why we should hold our heads high and always do what we genuinely think
is right, not allowing dissenting voices stop us from pursuing our goals.

Allowing people’s opinion affect
your life choices will make you to be a second best. If being the best version
of yourself is your goal in life, then you have embrace your uniqueness, capitalize
on your advantages and gifting to push yourself to achieve your goals. Do not
always go with the trend, I know it’s not easy to be a lone voice, but if you
persist probably just a while longer your persistence will pay. Another reason
you should maintain your uniqueness is that that your unique personality is
original and you are the only one that can be your original. Real people are hard
to find, therefore be you, other people will eventually adjust. Challenges are part
of the experiences humans are bound to face just by virtue of being alive, they
are bound to come to anyone, how you react to them determines how far you will
go in life. The question is whether you will allow these undesirable experiences
make you lose your true personality, will you allow it make you give up your
goals, will you give up everything with the excuse of “Oh, I am a human being,
I am allowed to make mistakes here and there”. Remember whatever choice you make, you will eventually live with the consequences.

Your ability to maintain your
uniqueness in the face of challenges determines how far you will go in
achieving your dreams.

It is a new week, another opportunity
to continue to make life choices.  Choose
right and you will live to enjoy the fruits of your choice.

Have a wonderful week.

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