Scale up your output

are more likely to give sufficient time and attention to what interests them.
You don’t force a baby to take toys or sweets, they go for them even when their
parents are not ready to buy them one at that moment; such is life. Humans
naturally go for what they want, they dedicate time and effort to what interests
them. The only question is whether they do dedicate sufficient time to that

not be cajoled into undertaking an activity simply because that is what
everyone considers as ideal. If you would not put your best into an activity, then
quit trying to do it. Concentrate your time and skills to activities which you
have a comparative advantage over others. You would likely realize a better and
timelier outcome than others. If everyone can apply this principle, the work
place would be a place of better results. Identify your capacity and special
skills and begin to use them early. Develop your skills further in that area of
your interests and with time you would master that art.

usually present us with many opportunities, but sometimes people are too
focused on trying to do what every other person is doing that they hardly notice
when opportunities that really matters to them come by. So the question today
is what are your interests; Are you giving it sufficient time and attention or
are you diffusing that energy to some other activity? How is your output in
that other activity? Don’t you think it’s time to focus on your area of
interest and increase your outputs there.

has no manual, like people would say “do what works for you” especially if that
does not involve hurting other people. Despite my opinion above, I believe
everyone knows what they think works best for them. The above write-up is
simply to suggest that perhaps there may be other angles to those your ideas of
how things should be done.

a smooth sailing week!

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