Is it really not your business?

 It has always been a good idea to look out for people. Not necessarily because it is your duty to do so, but simply because it is humane to do so. It might be misinterpreted at times as not minding your business or not sticking to your lane in individualistic societies. But even in individualistic societies, people always appreciate help when offered without conditions. That is what this write up is all about, about how to look out for others whilst still minding your business.

It might not be necessary to offer help where it is clearly not asked, or where it has been rejected where offered. The usual effect is that it may discourage you from offering such help in other situations. Do not be tempted to give in to that, let us all understand that human beings are different. The fact that your offer of help or opinion on something was rejected by someone does not necessarily mean that subsequent attempt to help others will be rejected by those people. As much as it lies within you, lend that opinion or help, it may not cost you anything other than just those few minutes you used to offer that opinion or help. Some people are good in lifting other people’s mood high, imagine entering a place, with everyone complaining about one thing or the other, simply saying the right words to those people might be the hope they need to push on just for that day. It may not be much, but at least you got the opportunity to render help albeit temporarily.

We have just entered the eleventh month of the year 2020, many people are not happy with the turn of events, COVID, bad economy, announcement of a possible lockdown etc. There are a lot to be worried about, but despite these worries, find reason to be happy, find reasons to push again, and find reason to look out for others despite your situation. In giving out a bit of ourselves, we end up lighting other people’s fire. One day, you may need another to light up yours and someone would do the same for you.

Have a refreshing week and a wonderful November!

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